Thursday, January 13, 2011

Investigation, with an unbiased scientific eye.

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 Firstly, "'we do not hate persons who are different'.  And, to an extent, there's not really any problem living side by side. Coincidentally, this was often the case during past decades.  Students went to school along with fellow classmates.  And, nobody really thought much about whether one's ancestry came from Europe, Cuba, Israel, or anyplace else.  So, this point should be established.  Most notably, they belonged to the same American society.  (Admittedly, things weren't always perfect.  But, there were few cultural or linguistic divisions).   The main issue nowadays relates to policies which force rapid Migration into a select few countries.  It's a deliberate attempt to dilute our cultures.  And, most importantly, the new peoples are usually the least adaptable.  More suspiciously, Government policy always chooses those who's physical appearance differs most from us.   Please remember, this is totally deliberate on their part.  That's why Citizens of these nations should be concerned.  it's not necessarily because someone looks different.  But instead, this is an obvious attempt to wage genetic warfare and racial strife.    
So, let's closely investigate who's primarily responsible for this:  

It's not too paranoid to describe Chain Migration as an act of warfare.  And, when considering who's mostly to blame, a few obvious suspects come to mind.  ...Islam, Jihadists, Marxists, Zionists, Corporations, Scholars, plus The Wealthy aristocrats.  The more seasoned person would blame those who promote Social Sciences.   While only the most knowledgeable person realizes that the primary culprits are within our own race.   They're inducing this onslaught against their own people.  (footnote: this does NOT exclude the possibility of being manipulated by others.)

So, a few smart people have finally realized that a main culprit comes from within.   However, you're not being specific enough.   But if you've studied this question for long enough, the true enemy is easy to identify.
The answer might sound silly, but:  It's the hippies.

More specifically, all blame should be placed upon a sector whom we've come to call "NEO-HIPPIES".  Now, please make clear that not all hippy's were bad.  There's nothing wrong with having long hair, opposing wars, or, being outspoken against injustice.  However, back then, two different counter-cultures emerged.  One was an average majority, while a small sect later became The Neo-hippy.  And, of course; most  today were not even part of the original Hippy Generation.   But, the mindset

(Difference between Socialism and Neo-Marxism.

Don't confuse humanitarian Efforts with the Cultural-Statist.   It's perfectly okay to help others, and to provide relief.  This does not constitute full-fledged Socialism.   In other words,  We're not merely looking at people who are providing Aid for others.   Instead, they're goal is to induce social experiments, and behavioral monitoring.
Yet, before doing so, Society is gradually conditioned to accept these terms.  So, the Neo-Marxists begin launching campaigns throughout the media.  They promote doctrine by using powerful Imagery. So, this is far worse than a military dictatorship.   It's more effective to control your mind than to induce bloodshed. They first wage psychological warfare against the masses.  Yet, most people are completely unaware that they are being manipulated.  Basically, they're conditioning you to support their doctrine.  Or, in blunt terms: "you're being dummied down". 

(Behavioral Habits  of the Neo-Hippy)
Although Neo-Hippies are hugely behind the conspiracy to transform the complexion of America & Europe, it doesn't stop there.  They're masked behind every destructive program threatening to undermine the free-world.  (In simple terms:   The Neo-Marxists are responsible for nearly ALL oppression that 's taking place in Western Society.

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